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Ford Ranger / Raptor Tailgate Seal Kit (Next Gen)

Ford Ranger / Raptor Tailgate Seal Kit (Next Gen)

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The Next Gen Ford Ranger / Raptor comes from the factory without any form of sealing around the tailgate and if you’ve taken your vehicle along a dusty road it’s evident that dust gets in around the sides and bottom of the tailgate.  This carefully designed and engineered kit takes care of that by providing seals on the sides and bottom of the tailgate. The design at the top of the seal bracket means that it can be easily modified to suit your choice of tub cover.

Key considerations:-

  • No drilling is necessary, the kit uses Ford’s existing bolt holes
  • Simple and discrete – provides the most available width across the opening of 1285mm
  • Mounts towards the tailgate (rather than inside the tub) and it doesn’t use any of the vacant bolt holes in the tub which many people use for installing canopies, drawers and fridges
  • Contoured to follow the internal shape of the tailgate
  • Easily removable


  • For MY24.5 vehicles the kit requires a modified bottom seal, please contact us for more details
  • This tailgate seal kit is suitable for installation on Next Gen Rangers with the spray-in tub liner or no tub-liner.   It can be installed on vehicles with the drop-in liner but it does require some modification by cutting of the tub liner.
  • After installation the tailgate will feel a bit harder to close and open but as the seals bed in over time this will reduce


If you would like to order more than one tailgate seal kit please contact us so that we can work out the best postage option and cost for you.


Installation instructions are available here for download.

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